Separators and Evaporators

Alkota -
Highly refined, efficient wastewater evaporation design processes up to 720 gallons per day.

Watermaze -  
At Industrial Cleaning Equipment, we carry a broad selection of Water Maze brand separators and evaporators.

Between the Alpha and Clarifier designs, we offer ten different separator models capable of handling flow rates of 0-30 GPM. Features such as pre-treatment of wastewater, stainless steel parts, and sheen filter keep these products in high demand.

Our evaporators are available in both gas and electric styles and process wastewater at a rate of 8-30 gallons/hour. The natural gas system comes in two models, both with a unique combustion chamber design which uses advanced heat reflective material to achieve maximum energy efficiency. The electric system is available in a single model, with multiple configurations, and features eight 2600w coil-type elements.

All these units are made of heavy-duty steel, are insulated and double-lined for maximum efficiency and safety, and feature a variety of built-in safeguards for the benefit and protection of the operator.