Hot Water Pressure Washers

Alkota Hot Water-
With over 40 years of operation, Alkota Cleaning Systems Inc. is a recognized leader in the pressure cleaning industry. Their environment-friendly washers operate with hot water and biodegradable detergents, eliminating the need for damaging solvents and aerosol cleaners as well as worries about disposal problems.

Long respected in the industrial cleaning industry as a superlative family-owned manufacturer, Farley products are built for long life and high performance. Replacement parts are easy and quick to obtain when needed.

 Hot Water
Landa's legendary quality is the result of focusing more than 35 years of experience into every detail of a pressure washer. From their generous 7-year warranty to their ultra-efficient horizontal coil, Landa machines are built to last. Landa was the first pressure washer manufacturer to certify its entire product line to the rigid UL-1776 safety standards, and every piece of their equipment includes a variety of safety devices to provide maximum protection to the operator and owner.  

Landa VHP Portable, Electric-Powered, LP Gas-Heated Hot Water Pressure Washer

Landa EHW All Electric Hot Water Pressure Washer

Landa MHC Self Contained, Gasoline Powered, Diesel Heated, Hot Water Pressure Washer

Landa PGDC Self Contained, Gasoline Powered, Hot Water Pressure Washer

Landa PGHW Industrial Duty, Self Contained, Gasoline Powered, Hot Water Pressure Washer

Landa PHW Portable, Electric Powered, Diesel Heated, Hot Water Pressure Washer

Landa VHG Compact, Natural Gas-Heated Host Water Pressure Washer


Pressure Pro-

All Pressure Pro products are fully tested and assembled in the USA. Standard features include powder coated frames, stainless coil wrap, easy access Schedule 80 coil assembly, diesel burner, high limit over temp protection, safety relief valve, thermo-sensor, gun/wand assembly with insulated grip, 50' high pressure hose w/quick connects, Maxi-Flo 20% and 10" pneumatic tires.

Whitco Hot Water -

A leading manufacturer of high quality industrial cleaning systems, Whitco's portable hot water washers are a great choice for light, commercial, and even heavy-duty cleaning applications. Standard features include 10" pneumatic tires, high temperature cut-off, pressure relief valve, stainless steel float tank w/cover, fuel cap w/fuel level gauge, burner cage protection, double action float valve, and trigger gun.