High-pressure cleaning solutions for heavy construction equipment

Because clean equipment lasts longer, pressure washing protects your investment by blasting mud, grease and grime from heavy equipment faster and deeper than any other cleaning method. These are ideal for companies with heavy equipment, flatwork clean up, tilt wall, bridge construction, aggregate cleaning, restoration work, etc.

Pressure washers are commonly used to clean: Bulldozers, backhoes, driveways, paint preparation, cement mixers, forklifts, scaffolding, air handlers, and kilns


High-pressure cleaning solutions for institutions


Because facilities and machinery must be kept in tip-top shape and must meet cleanliness standards, Landa offers a broad selection of pressure washers designed to meet the needs of restaurants, resorts, hotels, hospitals, rendering plants, food processing facilities, etc.

Pressure washers are commonly used to clean: Swimming pools, hoods and vents, walls, doors, windows, wheelchairs, lawn equipment, tables, chairs, trash containers, and air handlers.

Mining – Drilling

High-pressure cleaning solutions for mining-drilling equipment

Because rigs and equipment must be kept clean for optimum performance, Landa offers a broad selection of hot water pressure washers built to the rugged specifications of companies involved in mining, drilling, quarry excavation, oilfield service, frac tank service, wireline service, etc.

Pressure washers are commonly used to clean: Mixing, augers, blocks, hooks, engines, radiators, locomotives, shotcrete machines, exhaust stack, excavators, elevator links, shovels and loaders.

Upscale Homes

High-pressure cleaning solutions for upscale homes

Commercial-grade pressure washers can be ideal for upscale homes because they offer hot water that cleans faster than cold water, they are electrically powered (no need to store gasoline), and plug-and-wash systems allow you to clean outdoors like a central vacuum system cleans indoors.

Pressure washers are commonly used to clean: pools and decks, kennel cleaning, gutters and soffit, playground equipment, motor bikes, water features, walls, doors, windows, vehicles, and light equipment.


High-pressure cleaning solutions for trucks, cars, trains and planes

Because vehicles - especially fleets - serve as a company's "rolling billboard," Landa offers a broad selection of pressure washers - hot and cold water, high and low pressure, etc. - as well as detergents engineered specifically for companies with tractor-trailer rigs, dump trucks, cargo vans, fire trucks, refuse haulers, school buses, flat bed rigs, etc.

Pressure washers are commonly used to clean: Aluminum trailers, forklifts, ladders, racks, radiator grills, fifth wheels, exhaust stacks, fuel tanks, cargo holds, and asphalt removal equipment.